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Eagle Solar is an American solar company based on 12 years of experience in the development of utility scale solar projects. Our ambition is to bring utility scale solar to all regions of the world.

Today solar energy is the cheapest and fastest way to rapidly scale up the generation of electricity. Such generation is independent of fossil fuel imports and dependency, and without any carbon or other emissions.

Eagle Solar has secured the funding for multiple gigawatts of solar generation, when secured by a bankable Power Purchase Agreement.

Who we are

In 2021 Tom Garrett and Frank Dekker decided to create Eagle Solar Energy. Based on their successful cooperation in the US solar development market they believe that their international experience contacts and ambition can be implemented to install many large utility scale projects around the world.

Tom Garrett

"Tom has accumulated a lifetime of service in government at all levels, both domestically and internationally.   Six years of active service in the US Army culminated with service protecting exploited minorities in the Balkans during Operations Joint Guard and Joint Endeavor.   Here, Garrett earned rhe NATO Ribbon, the Army Commendation Medal, and the Army Achievement Medal.

His military service was of particular benefit later on when he served as a member of the United States Congress on the Committees on Foreign Affairs and on Homeland Security.  In addition to these committees, Garrett served on the House Committee for Education and Workforce.

Other government service includes service in the Senate of Virginia, and nearly ten years as a prosecutor at the local, state, and federal level. As a practicing attorney, soldier, and statesman, Garrett has worked at the highest levels, earning and holding the highest security US security clearances.  He has worked as a prosecutor in both Virginia and United States Court, successfully prosecuting cases ranging from murder to child exploitation, and been featured as an advocate for reform and human rights on outlets including CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

In solar development, Garrett has worked alongside successful and coming firms such as NCRE and Altesca Clean Emergy as well as internationally recognized entities like Energix, International. In his spare time, Garrett spends time on his family's farm on the James River in Virginia, and is working on a documentary film series focused on human rights.  The trailer is available now at www.exileseries.com.

Frank Dekker

With 35 years of business experience across multiple countries and continents, Frank brings a passion for teamwork, success and a love for the outdoors to his work. A keen skier, hiker, tennis player and oarsman, Frank recognizes the threat that a changing climate brings to the pursuits that make life so good. Through his investments and work he seeks to play his part in protecting what we were given for his own family and yours. Frank has built up solar development companies in the UK and the US which were successfully sold. He now focuses his time and energy on what he can do to help protect against catastrophic climate change. He sees the opportunity to help nations source a large portion of their energy from local sunshine as the biggest impact he can offer in this endeavor. As a believer that alone you can go fast, but together you can go far, Frank works with specialist investors who believe that energy independence is a keystone to the development of a stronger, cleaner world.

Our projects

Eagle Solar is working on investment opportunities and projects across three continents with multiple partners. To learn more please contact us. We are always interested in evaluating other opportunities that match our criteria. If you want to discuss a collaboration with Eagle Solar, please let us know!

North Africa

200MWac solar and storage opportunity

Baadre 1 & 2

Project under development

Dohuk - South

Project under development

Dohuk - North

Project under development


Project under development

What our clients and partners say

“Life is good with the solar up and running. They’re a great company with the utmost integrity”

North Carolina

“You did exactly what you said you were going to do. I would have no hesitation in recommending you”

United Kingdom

“Frank has the ability to visualize the potential of an opportunity and then develop effective, affordable plans, which he's then been able to implement to optimize the outcome”

Business Partner
United Kingdom

“Frank is a very innovative business manager. I wholeheartedly recommend him”

United Kingdom

“Among these trailblazers is Frank Dekker and his talented team. It was my great pleasure to discuss their groundbreaking work with Frank and his colleagues, and learn just how they are redeveloping difficult, previously developed land into productive solar power projects.”

Virginia Solar Summit organizer

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